Biohazard, a concept piece I’ve been working on since early in lockdown, made from Orange-Barred Sulphur and Papilio Iswara specimens.

I have never felt as much like I am part of an ecosystem as I have in the last 12 months! All the ‘stuff’ around me through my life has allowed me to build mental, emotional and physical walls between me and nature. It seems like for many years we have striven to overcome our surroundings and manipulate them for our gain.

The foundations of the walls in me have been shaken in the last year, not only through global pandemic but also a heightened awareness of the damage we have been causing to our home.

At times the past 12 months have made us feel like we are locking ourselves away from the threat that nature poses to our families, at other times it is nature that seems to have been given a break from us! Either way my sense of connection to and dependency on other people and species that I share this planet with has been heightened and I am resolved to develop a new relationship with it in the future.