About Fiona

Fiona Parkinson’s childhood took her from Yorkshire to South Africa and back again to life on the North East coast. Throughout this upbringing a burning desire to express her emotions created inside an artist, and as soon as she was able she persued this passion in further education by embarking on a Fine Art degree.

She graduated in 2015 with a first class Batchelors degree, and then went on to achieve a Master’s degree with distinction, whilst collecting the College of Arts Award at Lincoln University. She has exhibited individually and as part of collectives across the world and has been featured by the media appearing on BBC radio and being featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

Fiona’s art diverged from what may be considered mainstream techniques as she explored a variety of mediums. Unhappy settling with traditional methods and confused by generations of artists replicating others, she explored the science and restoration departments determined to develop something that had never been seen before.

Since graduating and moving to her studio near Stratford on Avon her work has continued to explore contradictions in our experience of the world including beauty and fragility, fear and love, life and death. Her unique techniques fuse modern technology with ancient methods to producing striking images which deliver fascination and emotion in equal measure.


My techniques combine traditional methods of preservation with modern tools and technology to create beautiful pieces of artwork that inspire emotion and wonder. Given the variation in every specimen each piece is unique and is hand crafted by me in my studio or the lab.

In much of my work the specimens are akin to a precious paint, a paint that not only delivers diversity and beauty but also holds within itself a natural emotional value and meaning from our response to the species.

One would be pressed to find an artist whose work is not personal and I have come to understand much of mine as a reflection of my experiences through life. Many of the pieces could undoubtedly be interpreted as self-portraits whilst in others I explore my feeling of connection to our planet and the universe beyond.

Through my art, I invite viewers to engage with these themes, to ponder the beauty that emerges from the passage of time, and to consider their own place in the grand tapestry of life. In doing so, I hope to encourage a deeper connection with the natural world and a profound appreciation for the intricate balance between life and death that surrounds us all.

The contradictions, misunderstandings and inconsistencies in our lives are present and I often find myself exploring extremes in the highs and lows our loves and losses and life and death. My Butterfly Collection is a range of work which was conceived at a time in my life when the temporal nature of the species resonated strongly with me.

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