Despite our best efforts to control and shield ourselves from the effects of our natural surroundings it’s influence, even through something as seemingly innocuous as the weather, seems to be intrinsic to our being.

No doubt in earlier times whether we awoke to the sound of rain, or the heat of the sun had a direct influence on the sucess of our endeavours in the day. But despite all we have undoubtedly achieved what is happening in the skys continues to effect us emotionally, like an echo from previous generations.

The rainbow has been a powerful symbol for humans throughout history and never more than now. But whoever it has been borrowed by it’s ability to cause wonder and awe through the promise of the sun breaking through the rain has prevailed deep inside all of us.

“Awe, is almost always nearby, and is a pathway to healing and growing in the face of the losses and traumas that are part of life.” – Dacher Keltner

A stunning rainbow, created using butterfly specimens with raindrops cut from the wings. Awe comprises of 58 perfectly preserved butterfly specimens with hundreds of raindrops cut from the wings to complete the rainbow.

At over 120cm wide, this is one of the largest dissectology piece Fiona has created and would be a stunning addition to anyones collection.

58 real butterfly specimens; Cymothoe Sangaris, Orange Barred Sulphur, Charaxes Eupale, Appias nero zarinda and Blue Morpho.

Many of my specimens come from historical collections, others through from breeding and conservation projects (read more here).

Available for limited exhibitions and on commission, email me on for more details