Found Objects, Patrick Jones, Dallas

Date: 10th October 2023

FOUND OBJECTS Patrick Jones, Dallas Opening 26th October 2023

Patrick Jones Gallery proudly presents our next exhibition “Found Objects” featuring ten visionary artists who challenge the boundaries of creativity through unique and unconventional mediums.

This showcase, running from October 26th through November, will astound and inspire art enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. “Found Objects” brings together an eclectic group of artists whose work redefines the very essence of artistic expression. Fiona Parkinson, Bran Symondson, Mat Kemp, Johannes Ehemann, Sang-Sik Hong, Sean Augustine March, My Dog Sighs, Jesus Pedraglio Belmont, Dan Tanenbaum, Yuya Saito, and Karen Theisen, are united by their bold exploration of unconventional materials to create art that pushes the boundaries of imagination.

The exhibition will showcase an array of pieces that incorporate mediums ranging from discarded industrial materials, straws, light, insect specimens, digital technology, watch parts and more. Each artist, in their distinctive way, challenges conventional perceptions and invites viewers to contemplate the infinite possibilities of creativity.

“Found Objects” is a testament to inspire our visitors to question preconceived notions of what art can be. We want to ignite conversations and spark curiosity about the possibilities that lie beyond the confines of conventional mediums. It is through this exploration of uncharted artistic territory that we hope to bring new perspectives and ideas to the forefront of the art world. In addition to fostering artistic innovation, working with artists who use unique mediums allows us to contribute to the discovery of emerging talents. These artists often fly under the radar, as their unconventional approaches may not fit within established categories. By providing them with a platform to showcase their work, we aim to support their artistic journey and introduce them to a wider audience.

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WHEN: October 26th 6-9PM
WHERE: 1400 Hi Line Dr STE 122 Dallas Tx 75207