Since the art world was thrown into a spin in 2021 when an NFT was sold for $69 million artists such as Damien Hirst, who with his piece ‘The Currency’ offered the option of owning an original edition or opting to have an NFT while the original was burned, have tried to make their mark with technology. No doubt NFT’s are going nowhere but whether or not galleries of the future will involve donning headsets and buying datasticks I somewhat doubt.

“I think the work I make is as far removed from the digital world as possible a fact I am very comfortable with. For me I think the real world will always eclipse the virtual one even if pixels are involved!”

NFT created using pixels cut from 22 butterfly specimens.

Each ‘real’ edition of Gimmick comes with an NFT version of the piece (a digital copy) on the Etherium network. But please don’t burn your original edition!

22 specimen including Papilio Palinurus the Emerald Swallowtail, Papilio Ulysses and Callicore Cynosura the Eighty-Eight.

Many of my specimens come from historical collections, others through from breeding and conservation projects (read more here).

Available for limited exhibitions and on commission, email me on for more details