Time Flies

Time Flies

Within the chaos of day to day life it is difficult to remember this, few of us live each day as if it may be our last, few of us consider that every interaction we have with anyone could be our last. The beauty of the specimens is clear but the clock runs fast reminding me of our fleeting nature and how essential it is to be conscious of this in how we live and relate to others.

Framed piece comprising of two preserved blue Morpho butterflies and clock mechanism. The numbers and hands of the clock cut from the wings of the butterflies.

Video is stop motion of 24 hours of the clock cycle.

Morpho Menelaus Zischkai found from Central America, one of most stunning large blue morpho species.

Many of my specimens come from historical collections, others through from breeding and conservation projects (read more here).

Available as video installation or original for exhibition and commission, email me on hello@fionaparkinson.com for more details