Infinity and Beyond

Infinity and Beyond

Our bodies, every atom, and molecule, including carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen, once belonged to stars—elements forged in the hearts of distant suns. “Infinity and Beyond” encapsulates this cosmic journey, as these star-born atoms, once celestial luminaries, now grace the delicate intricacies of butterflies. This piece endeavors to reunite them with the celestial realm, constructing a bridge that spans the earthly and the cosmic, serving as a reminder of our profound interconnectedness with the universe and the enduring cycles shaping our existence.

Through this artwork, I extend an invitation for viewers to immerse themselves in the vast tapestry of our universe. Serving as a reminder of the delicate equilibrium between our existence on this pale blue dot and the vastness of the cosmos, “Infinity and Beyond” underscores that the elements composing our beings have traversed the cosmos, connecting us to stars, Earth, and the very butterflies that grace its surface.

Infinity and Beyond comprises of 16 perfectly preserved butterfly and insect specimen with over 200 stars, planets, satellites, moons and other “space-stuff”!

Infinity and Beyond is a sister to the larger piece One in a Billion. 

16 specimen including Morpho Aega, Menelaus and Achilles along with stunning beetle and damselflies.

Many of my specimens come from historical collections, others through from breeding and conservation projects (read more here).

Available for limited exhibitions and on commission, email me on for more details