At times through lockdown I have felt like I am locking myself away from the threat that nature poses to my family, at other times it is nature that seems to have been given a break from us! Either way my sense of connection to and dependency on other people and species that I share this planet with has been heightened and I am resolved to develop a new relationship with it in the future.

Triangular framed piece comprising of six preserved yellow and black butterflies with the word Biohazard and the Biohazard logo cut from the wings.

The orange Phoebis Philea and black Papilio Iswara butterflies make up Biohazard.

Phoebis Philea, also known as the Orange-Barred Sulphur butterfly, is found from Brazil to the north peninsular of Florida inhabiting gardens and forests. Papilio Iswara or the Great Helen is a common swallowtail butterfly from Southeast Asia.

Many of my specimens come from historical collections, others through from breeding and conservation projects (read more here).

Limited edition piece available for exhibition and commission, email me on for more details